Paul Beckman – Five Photographs

Birds add beauty to my world and especially birds in marsh land. Their long necks twist and turn and their heads are in and out of the marsh water catching food. Their long legs and strides lead them as if they knew exactly where they’re going. The birds flying, soaring, catching the thermals often in groups of hundreds or even thousands in the with swallows put on a show and it’s like watching a playground in the sky. Beauty is everywhere if we look and I carry my camera with me trying  to record the memories.



Patricia Prijatel – The Nightstand

Early morning on the mountain after a rain: A whiff of pines and, maybe, skunk.  Baby hawks squabbling on the ridge. Ice-cold mountain water sucked from a stained Camelbak bought sometime in the 90s. The sticky surprise of cobwebs on my face, woven overnight along the trail. 



Editorial – Iron and Leather

I was lying peacefully in bed this morning, in love with the world, and this life. A feeling of gentle peace had swept over me, even though I heard the rain beginning to fall outside. More rain? Kate says the climate has changed, we now live in a newly tropical rainfall region, and I should just get used to it.