Phyllis Wax – Five Poems

In nature, art and writing, I become almost breathless.  I want to keep looking at the scene or art that evokes that response.  I need to re-read the phrase, the line, the stanza that elicits it.  It’s a physical and an emotional reaction, not a thought-out rational response.  How is it created?  I have no idea.



D. Vaisius – Sky Rocket

A mountain is universally beautiful, overwhelming in its grandeur. Stunning in its awe. Anyone can look at a mountain and find it beautiful. We all look at mountains and find them beautiful. But I don't believe all beauty to be as obvious.


Ava C. Cipri – Five Photographs

Regardless if the medium is a poem, a dance, or a photograph, the intention is the same; to capture the beauty of what may otherwise be lost. It’s attempting to distill the essence of something so fleeting and preserve it; to give its voice agency by choosing from a variety of containers.



Katacha Díaz – Machu Picchu Beckons

I have travelled all over the world and visited more than 30 countries to gather material for my stories and articles.  I undertake a project because I want to immerse myself in the subject, learn more about it, and take my readers on a journey with words



Editorial – The Unimagined Corollaries of Beauty

The real creation was done by our contributors, who wrote and thought and painted and photographed and sculpted and played and composed. There's so much talent out there, such incredible minds, legions of people doing wonderful things, even if conditions seem sometimes unpropitious.



Nancy Naomi Carlson – Five Translations

Muslim by birth, Waberi’s themes include living a simple life based on meditation and spirituality, the nomadic life, Arabic language and culture, religious tolerance as opposed to extremism, and Djibouti’s harsh climate and civil wars. In recognition for his commitment to the values of multiculturalism and linguistic, ethnic, and religious diversity, he was awarded the 2016 Words to Change Prize.