Diana Conces – Five Photographs

"Beauty is dynamic and built on context and relationships, we find it fascinating and elusive, the flashes of fire in an opal, the way the words of a beloved character remind us inexplicably of a grandmother, the shimmer of reflected cypress trees in a still lake."



Sara Martin – Coquinas

Our task is to pay attention, to notice that glint of sunlight on the water, the drops of dew on blades of grass, the red flash of a cardinal against a gray winter day, fireflies blinking in the dark, and stars scattered like glitter across the black northern sky.



Editorial – The Unimagined Corollaries of Beauty

The real creation was done by our contributors, who wrote and thought and painted and photographed and sculpted and played and composed. There's so much talent out there, such incredible minds, legions of people doing wonderful things, even if conditions seem sometimes unpropitious.



Alexander Cigale – Five Translations of Andrey Guschin

Andrey Guschin identifies himself as a “neo-archeist” poet, and the primary attraction to me as a translator of his lively and inventive formal verses was that what I view as a resurgence of the use of archaism and archaic words in contemporary American poetry, may yield for the work a readership in English.