Ferral Willcox – Five Poems

It started with a list of made up words for kinds of snow, followed by their definitions, and short poems as explication. It was, of course, strange to be writing about snow while in Thailand...



Anna Keeler – What She Wanted

We all, in some way, suffer in relation to beauty: in spite of, alongside, because of, or for its sake. If I had to call beauty one thing, I would call it an aesthetic; a lenient appreciation that is malleable in each creator’s hands, because what’s graceful to some is pure jive to others.


Ting Wang – Six Photographs

When I was little, my dad had our walls decorated with calligraphy scrolls featuring ancient Chinese poetry. He and my mom grew different-colored chrysanthemum in dozens of pots in our courtyard. On some crisp summer mornings, he would gather me and my sisters in front of our water lily pond he built and take photos of us. Beauty then was the elegance and serenity that were surrounding me and my family.



A Wilderness of Bears

"William," she began as she arranged herself in the big emerald arm chair, "you need to pick our Pushcart nominations. Right now!"



Patricia Worth – The Enchanted Ring

Three handsome, rich young princes, one named Felibien, another, Roland, and the third, Aymeril, were travelling on horseback through all the countries of the world, followed by a multitude of servants and wagons loaded with their baggage. A chance meeting at an inn had made them friends, and they set off together. Why were they travelling?