John C. Mannone – Five Poems

I see beauty in everything. It’s easy for the natural world to bear witness to this: the smell of rain, a bejeweled night sky, the way a fallen leaf curls on the ground.



Jessie Seigel – The Words Strike Back

I am not drawn to the familiar but to that which is different, whether a different geography, a different culture, or a different perspective; that is, a different way of seeing. For me, in writing, it is beautiful to make the empathetic leap, living in someone else’s skin for a while.


Kyle Hemmings – Five Photographs

My earliest recollections of beauty were from when I was very young, perhaps only a few years old. I had a physical reaction to certain images or to colors. I became entranced and immobile, immersed in my sense impressions of the outer world invading the inner.



Patty Somlo – Home at the Beach

In the afternoon, sunlight hits the clear water and the rocks underneath, coloring them golden. When I gaze at the spot and then turn to look further upstream, where some Sierra peak stands in the background, I know this soars to the spiritual realm that classifies as beauty, because every way I try to describe it misses the mark.



Editorial – The Unimagined Corollaries of Beauty

The real creation was done by our contributors, who wrote and thought and painted and photographed and sculpted and played and composed. There's so much talent out there, such incredible minds, legions of people doing wonderful things, even if conditions seem sometimes unpropitious.



James Owens – From the French of Rilke

Beauty is mystical in the strict sense --- that is, it is knowable by direct experience that inspires awe and fascination, without necessarily being susceptible to definition --- and also involves the notion of limit. Only that which comes to an end is beautiful.