Kalpna Singh-Chitnis – Contemplation On Seasons

Beauty is an awareness of our true nature and being who we are. Going against our nature to become something else is void of beauty and originality. From the beginning of the universe, everything created by nature is unique. No two trees, plants and flowers are alike. A tree never tries to compete with another tree.


Bill Wolak – Six Collages

Beauty is startling, but also somehow hauntingly familiar. An instantaneous recognition that’s not entirely analytical resonates through the mind and body. Suddenly, the smoothness of a thigh, a falling snowflake, an empty nest, the taste of a summer peach, the poignant lines of a poem all capture the attention almost like a spell and cause one’s awareness to be concentrated into an expansive experience: a moment of unanticipated growth or turbulence or transformation.



Donna Mulvenna – Freedom to Roam

Humans have an inner compass that guides them toward beauty. The Japanese have a word for it, kachou fuugetsu which literally means Flower Bird Wind Moon but commonly translates to “experience the beauty of nature, learn about yourself”



Editorial – The Unimagined Corollaries of Beauty

The real creation was done by our contributors, who wrote and thought and painted and photographed and sculpted and played and composed. There's so much talent out there, such incredible minds, legions of people doing wonderful things, even if conditions seem sometimes unpropitious.