Month: January 2018

Mary Jane White – Five Translations of Marina Tsvetaeva

  As a poet, I’ve always loved to read, write and translate the love poem, especially the love poem of mixed tone:  the one both certain of the attraction and uncertain of the commitment, or uncertain of mutual commitment; the one both fierce and forgiving, or, if not exactly forgiving, wonderfully dismissive when the brave move of separation becomes inevitable. 

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Annmarie Lockhart – Four Poems

Beauty is resilience. It’s the revolution of the earth, the grace of the new year, the homecoming of an odyssey. It’s the edit after creation, the maturation of an idea. It’s the transformation of one thing into another, the refusal of matter to be destroyed. Beauty is a mutable moment and how we attempt, again and again, to convey it, no matter how vain the endeavor.

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