Month: March 2018

Paul Beckman – Five Photographs

Birds add beauty to my world and especially birds in marsh land. Their long necks twist and turn and their heads are in and out of the marsh water catching food. Their long legs and strides lead them as if they knew exactly where they’re going. The birds flying, soaring, catching the thermals often in groups of hundreds or even thousands in the with swallows put on a show and it’s like watching a playground in the sky. Beauty is everywhere if we look and I carry my camera with me trying  to record the memories.

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Laura Grace Weldon – Four Poems

Everything we take into ourselves forms who we are in a continuous process of becoming. Maybe beauty reaches into everything, linking and making meaning in ways well beyond our awareness. Maybe it is hidden in stories, sights, and sensations we deem ugly or frightening because we aren’t tuned to beauty. Maybe finding beauty is a choice we learn to make.  

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