Annika Lindok – Five Photographs

Dog Roses Asleep

Morning Dew


Secret Garden


In The Gloaming

Artist’s Statement on Beauty

Beauty is a construct very different in our minds and yet, we all find certain things universally beautiful, like flowers and sunrises. The very moment we realise the true nature of a thing, the thing becomes beautiful. When we don´t have to explain the reasons, why something or someone is aesthetically appealing to look at, we just perceive that they are. However, beauty is often objective. We say that beauty comes from within, what we mean by it, is that beauty is not the order in facial features, but rather our perception of them and how it adds up to the general understanding of aestheticism. We can all agree, that
the romantic things are beautiful, thus to see someone or something as beautiful we have to develop romantic feelings towards them. This can only happen, once we understand the essence of someone´s being, the core of their whole existence.

Annika Lindok is an English teacher, residing in Tartu, Estonia. She has graduated from University of Tartu and spends all her time hallucinating behind books.