Category: Art

Judith Skillman – Five Paintings

Without our star, how would we inhabit bodies of rich sensory perception with which to perceive, even partially, the faint and intermittent signals lumped together under the term “beauty”? From the darkness of our ordinary, often dreary and difficult lives, these signals—if we pause long enough from “information—can become art. These glimpses into the organic whole may even glimmer.

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KJ Hannah Greenberg – Six Photographs

When framing nature, I like using the muted light, which follows a storm, or which becomes available at dawn and dusk. Beyond that attention to a setting’s relative brightness and contrast, I try to work with whatever’s at hand. The Boss has constructed an entire universe, literally, of beauty which is impossible for man to replicate, and which is precious to represent.

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Gary Van Haas – Four Dreamscapes

Beautiful things are not necessarily associated with wealth and money; they are the special moments which pass your senses in an instant never to return. A spectacular summer sunset, a full moon on a crisp winter night. feeling the sweet touch of a lover’s kiss, the soft banter of classical music, the intense smell of a rose, a fine work of art, humor, hope, love and faith all play on the conscious and subconscious soul, all parts of human existence aspiring to beauty and nirvana.

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Paul Beckman – Five Photographs

Birds add beauty to my world and especially birds in marsh land. Their long necks twist and turn and their heads are in and out of the marsh water catching food. Their long legs and strides lead them as if they knew exactly where they’re going. The birds flying, soaring, catching the thermals often in groups of hundreds or even thousands in the with swallows put on a show and it’s like watching a playground in the sky. Beauty is everywhere if we look and I carry my camera with me trying  to record the memories.

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