Category: Art

Ting Wang – Six Photographs

When I was little, my dad had our walls decorated with calligraphy scrolls featuring ancient Chinese poetry. He and my mom grew different-colored chrysanthemum in dozens of pots in our courtyard. On some crisp summer mornings, he would gather me and my sisters in front of our water lily pond he built and take photos of us. Beauty then was the elegance and serenity that were surrounding me and my family.

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Paul Beckman – Five Photographs

As a photographer I consider myself a street shooter–my photographer’s eye shooting an old building, rusted bridge, interesting faces or groupings of people and nature in all its forms. There’s a beauty in the texture, color, and subject matter that calls out to me and I’m never without a camera whether I’m out for a walk or a drive.

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Aubrey Ann Laughlin – Five Photographs

And for a moment, we as readers or viewers enter the artist’s world, which is our own, and we are filled with the wonder of that space. And by repeating these experiences, we expand and notice beauty regularly and discover that we each have the creative ability to express it ourselves.

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Dian Parker – Five Paintings

Everywhere is wonder and wonder is inspiring and inspiration exciting and excitement wished for and all wishes carry beauty. There is beauty in a sigh, a kiss, a tear, keening, hope, death. The brain is a miracle of profound beauty. All is perception so I strive to filter my reality through the clear lens of beauty.

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