Category: Art

Annabelle Kang – Five Photographs

Beauty is meant to delight the senses, but to artist and audience it means so much more. Like art, beauty should not only be something aesthetically pleasing, but also a tool to communicate ideas and evoke feeling. Beauty is in everyday life, as we as a human collective are creating art through our interactions with the world around us.

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Bill Wolak – Six Collages

Beauty is startling, but also somehow hauntingly familiar. An instantaneous recognition that’s not entirely analytical resonates through the mind and body. Suddenly, the smoothness of a thigh, a falling snowflake, an empty nest, the taste of a summer peach, the poignant lines of a poem all capture the attention almost like a spell and cause one’s awareness to be concentrated into an expansive experience: a moment of unanticipated growth or turbulence or transformation.

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Judith Skillman – Five Paintings

Beauty equals light, and vice versa. To capture sunlight in motion as waves in bodies of water bounded by sand, shoreline, island, spit, or any number of other natural boundaries, provides a strong motivation for the act of creation. The process of a painting is driven at first by experimentation with colors that mimic the rep shot.

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Harshal Desai – Five Photographs

And just like in life, one cannot chase after such beauty. I can’t go out hunting for these images. Beauty is like a fluttering butterfly, if you chase it, it will perennially elude you, but if you stay calm and immerse in your environment, the butterfly will come closer and allow you to experience its magnificence.

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