Category: Fiction

Anna Keeler – What She Wanted

We all, in some way, suffer in relation to beauty: in spite of, alongside, because of, or for its sake. If I had to call beauty one thing, I would call it an aesthetic; a lenient appreciation that is malleable in each creator’s hands, because what’s graceful to some is pure jive to others.

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Alec Solomita – The Red Lights of Needham

Whatever the subject, be it clearly a thing of beauty, like the tracery of branches at dusk, or an old lamp someone discards on the sidewalk, I try in my work to shape and share my own experience of its miraculous existence in a world full of chaos and difficulty.

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Camille Grove – Where the Sun Shines

Emilie’s Audi crosses the mountain border between Western Washington and Eastern Washington. Lush greenery turns into dry desert as the sun rises above the horizon. After driving a few hours on one long two-lane highway, she turns off onto the exit Siri tells her to take.

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Sayuri Yamada – My Pregnancy

Dear Mr Sinclair Randal, I would like to thank you for your enquiry about the embryo. He hatched two days ago and is already six centimetres long. Because there is no longer egg shell around him, there is no longer egg shell between him and me in my uterus, so he is able to learn better from the outside world.

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Melissa Goode – Here We Are

(Beauty) is the photo showing the statue of Nike “Winged Victory of Samothrace” leaving the Louvre at night, two days after World War II was declared. (…) She is without a head or arms, but she is winged. She is wrapped in sack cloth and ropes and stands in a crate. She is eight foot tall. Her wings are unprotected.

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