Category: Fiction

Kate Mahony – A part of the landscape

 It wasn’t until I returned home on the other side of the world that I realised what in essence I had been looking for on those evening strolls: the rejuvenating wildness of the sea, the smell of the salt spray, the incredible power and beauty I hadn’t recognised at the time.

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Toti O’Brien – Hortus Conclusus and China

The reality of beauty is carried by the context—by the surprise of plain, drab, inconspicuous things, or no-things, interacting. By the way they intertwine, they reveal each other, cast light onto each other. ‘Beauty is in the ensemble’. It is the ensemble, the choir.

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Kelly Cherry – Experimental

Depth of thought is the route to feeling. The more deeply we think about our world, the stronger we feel about it. We experience the world’s pain. We experience the artist’s pain, the scientist’s pain, the child or parent’s pain. And this pain, which resides in our hearts and souls and even our bodies, gives rise to joy.

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