Category: Poetry

Stephanie Madan – Three Poems

I’ve come to discover beauty in the everyday. In that lumpy heirloom tomato, the fresh shiny ebony paint on the stair rail, the gleam of slanted sunlight ricocheting off a silver vase – beauty valuable in its tiny moments, deflecting, sometimes, the ugliness we endure these days in our wide world. It has to be enough.

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Tricia Knoll – Five Poems

What I see as beautiful is the gifts of this season. Today’s ripe Oregon strawberries, the smell of one of my pink rosebushes and then the mock orange that bloomed for the first time this year. The promise in my garden of ripe tomatoes and pea pods in the weeks ahead.

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Matthew James Friday – Three Poems

Beauty is refusing to be beaten: dwarfed by decades but dressed like a teen with summer slipped over a bright bikini, blonde hair, outrageously large sunglasses. She went up an elevator in a shopping mall while a young couple came down, looked down, noticed, sniggered, whispered about this youthful soul refusing to age appropriately.

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