Category: Poetry

Laura Grace Weldon – Four Poems

Everything we take into ourselves forms who we are in a continuous process of becoming. Maybe beauty reaches into everything, linking and making meaning in ways well beyond our awareness. Maybe it is hidden in stories, sights, and sensations we deem ugly or frightening because we aren’t tuned to beauty. Maybe finding beauty is a choice we learn to make.  

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Devon Balwit – Four Poems

Beauty comes to me, first and foremost, through my eyes.  The natural world serves as my most consistent doorway to it–whether through a mackerel sky at sunset, the geometry of garden flowers, striations in stones, the hover of raptors, the myriad shapes of insects, the wind swirling grass, or light playing on water.

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Aleksandra Jovičić – Three Poems – Translated by Dragana Rudić

In a story written by the Yugoslav Nobel  prize laureate  Ivo Andric, an endless battle between beauty and evil in the world is presented through interesting metaphors. Beauty is seen as a young sheep, a talented dancer, and an old wolf symbolizes evil.  One day, wandering through the woods, the sheep named Aska finds herself before an old wolf. She dances on a meadow to save her life, and the old wolf stays enchanted by the beauty of the dance.

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