Category: Poetry

Kalpna Singh-Chitnis – Contemplation On Seasons

Beauty is an awareness of our true nature and being who we are. Going against our nature to become something else is void of beauty and originality. From the beginning of the universe, everything created by nature is unique. No two trees, plants and flowers are alike. A tree never tries to compete with another tree.

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Susan Tepper – Three Poems

Some find beauty in perfection, while for me, beauty can present as a rotted tree trunk, a fence missing slats in exchange for honeysuckle, an old house gone to wrack and ruin. I look into things that might have once been considered beautiful, seeing them with a fresh perspective, at the possibilities, as they travel through what is known as time.

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Yuan Changming – Four Poems

What is beauty? For me, it is every tree, every cloud, every horse, every mountain, every good-looking child and woman I see; every inspiring poem I read; every wonderful dream I recall; every smart idea I hit upon; every bird chirrup I hear; every snowflake I catch; or every moment of happiness I experience, like this one, like right now.

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Jacob Hammer – Three Poems

Beauty is the wound that heals you as it digs further. It’s what all poetry, all art that is truly art is after. When I see it in poetry, I know it because, to paraphrase Dickinson, it takes the top of my head off. Beautiful poetry reaches between our ribs and makes a home there by shifting our organ around and becoming a part of us forever.

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Diana Raab – Five Poems

Some people often speak about objects, concepts, and individuals as being beautiful. These are things that might stand out to them or resonate with them. In Buddhism texts, there’s often a reference to the beauty of nature—the trees, the flowers, the mountains, and the animals. The lotus, which is often seen in Buddhist realms, is one of the most beautiful flowers. The way it grows in the mud and erupts into a spectacular living thing is phenomenal.

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Anya Silver – Five Poems

I suspect that what we consider beautiful is often a bit strange; there is beauty in the ordinary, but beauty is that which is not ordinary. When I see or hear something beautiful, I feel it in my body and breath. Beauty exists everywhere, including in the midst of great suffering and ugliness; perhaps that kind of beauty is the most potent of all.

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