Harshal Desai – Five Photographs

Tiger in Paradise

Thor’s Playground 

Butterfly Dreams


Paper Kite Butterflies


Kissing Macaws 


Artist’s Statement on Beauty

As a designer, I learned about how the best and most beautifully designed solutions are ones that remain invisible to the eye, yet surround us daily. From the finely-crafted chairs to the curves of the sidewalk, the shape of the vase where the hydrangeas reside, even the smooth flow of the ball point pen that diligently inks out our words on paper.

When I took to photography about 8 years ago, my vision of beauty expanded outward from man-made constructs to the natural world.  I attempted, and still continue to, capture snippets of commonly unnoticed moments of natural beauty in this world. Photography gives me an outlet to make a facsimile of beautiful moments within our surroundings that remain neglected. From the finely crafted wings of a butterfly, to the forked lightning bolt streaking across the sky, to beautiful birds expressing their love and playfulness.

And just like in life, one cannot chase after such beauty. I can’t go out hunting for these images. Beauty is like a fluttering butterfly, if you chase it, it will perennially elude you, but if you stay calm and immerse in your environment, the butterfly will come closer and allow you to experience its magnificence. It is a sense of natural harmony that speaks to the soul.


Harshal Desai believes in silences, moss clad rocks, soliloquies of stars and scents of blank pages. Innately anthropomorphic, nature is a vast source of inspiration for him. On a typical day, you can find him by the seashore, and other natural spaces, in the captivating essence of the oikeios. Professionally, a scholarship awardee from Raffles College of Higher Education, Singapore, he holds a Masters degree in design. He understands the intricacies that design and art bring and finds much inspiration in creating sustainable solutions for the world. His work is published in Verbal Art, FineFlu, 805Lit, Door is a Jar and SickLit Magazine. More at: behance.net/harshaldesai.