Jody Kennedy – Five Photographs



Two Sunflowers


Church Detail


Three Hydrangeas


Artist’s Statement on Beauty

The poet Mary Oliver, in Blue Pastures, speaks of the difference between idea and experience.“Not from the idea of olives do we come at last to savor that Mediterranean fruit, but from one bite, and then another bite, until the assurance of felicity is bound to the category—to the concept of the fruit itself, in all its instances.” Beauty can be categorized in much the same way—as a fluid and dynamic experience rather than a fixed and preconceived idea. In its truest form, beauty moves us beyond multiplicity toward a deeper sense of oneness and unity.


Jody Kennedy’s work has appeared in The Georgia Review, Hippocampus, Vilas Avenue, Wisconsin Poets’ Calendar and The Madison Review. A native of the Upper Midwest, she holds a BA in English and creative writing from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and currently lives in France. The five photographs were taken in Burgundy, France. More at: