Valkyriekerry Kelly – Eight Photographs

Mayo 3


Mayo 4


Mayo 5


Mayo 6


Mayo 8


Mayo 9


Mayo 10


Mayo 7


Artist’s Statement on Beauty

To dive beneath the waves of clear waters, echoing the turquoise sky in the path of light. To see beneath the waves the glowing masses of shimmering colour as fish go about their daily business between the emerald sheaths of sea flora. To swim across the coral alive with crimson, spiked creatures and glare into the natural hidden paradise beneath the glassy surface. This is beauty in its purest form. 


Valkyriekerry Kelly is a graduate of literature who lives in Mayo, Ireland. Her poetry has appeared in Peeking Cat, Tiger Shark, Eskimo Pie and Plum Tree Tavern. She contributed to, and was the sole editor of, Stan and Ellen’s Grand Opus, which reached number one twice in the UK Chapbook Charts. When she is not writing she can be found exploring heritage sites and indulging in her love of photography. More at: