Month: September 2016

Kathleen Kirk – Three Poems

I remember seeing a golden tree out a third-floor window of a college building and not being able to move, turned to gold myself by its arresting beauty. Yes, I wrote a poem about it, and it was in the college literary magazine, also solidifying for me the connection between poetry & beauty.

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Christopher Woods – Five Photographs

I try to capture the beauty and the silence that is omnipresent in the various subjects. There is a vastness in nature, something so many of us have lost a sense of in our urban living.

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Britny Cordera – Four Poems

To knead the breath of a single olive shoot
is the scent of silver-green,
cerulean winds toting Aegean brine

upon their tendrils,
your thirst for weeping sea
mixing memory with dreams devouring.

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Paul Beckman – Splinters

We were on our knees, my grandfather, my uncle and me and we each had an axe with a metal square on the opposite side of the blade. We used this to drive the nails into the tongue of the oak floor of the bakery.

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