Anwer Ghani – Shadows

Colored Shadows

When we saw these colored shadows, the magic whispers penetrate us very fast, and when I kissed the lips of a strange voice, the sun lights slept in my dreams as a butterfly. Can you touch these colored shadows? Can you hear their wishes?

Departing Shadows

The places are just a deep paint of the departing shadows. When the colors of our souls invite the true tales, all the departing shadows will know their faces. We saw them in a short precious moment with bright laughs; they were amazing and kidnapped our hearts with their thrilling whispers. Their very warm lines steal our corners and their appeal is irresistible.

Volant Shadows

Our depth is the sky so the delicate shadows fly highly in our souls. We can’t tell the time that he is a very big loser because he is empty and his hand didn’t touch any volant shadow. Look at the rivers; they are the witnesses and look at the very early morning moments they are the true. I am cheerful because my heart can see the sparkle of the volant shadow when they go deep in my dreams. 


Author’s Statement on Beauty

The aesthetic response has a very simple and primitive state which is a shared and universal experience. This primary aesthetic response is the very true sign of beauty in a text but in addition to this experience there is a very developed response. While the primitive response need nothing but the clear sense, the developed secondary response need learning and training. There are no cultural differences in the primitive aesthetic response but this difference is obvious in the developed aesthetic response. The developed response is the area of the differences and conflicts. So the difference between readers level affects the develop aesthetic experience and not the primitive one. The first step towards the transfigured aesthetic response is the reader attraction where the reader finds himself as a part in the poem, then the poem will transform from the isolated external thing to a very special and specific thing in regard to the reader. In fact The degree of response proportionates with degree of reader engagement in the text.


Anwer Ghani is an Iraqi poet and artist. He was born in 1973 in Hilla. His name has appeared in many literary magazines and anthologies and he have won many prizes; one of them is the “World Laureate-Best Poet in 2017 from WNWU”. Anwer has a peculiar style with expressive narrative in mosaic writing, and he is the author of Narratopoet (2017), Antipoetic Poems (2017), and other 40 books. More at: