Becca Menon – Three Poems


A Love Spell
. . . . . . . . . .for my nephew

As every fig tree knows its wasp,
An inmost mutuality,
As every river knows its sea,
May you know her, and both hearts prosper.

Comfort Comes

Comfort comes in the calyxes of quiet
Where the mind takes rest from the thoughts that hide it.
Inside the psalmist’s blessing, the lesson:
The cup overflows with emptiness.
Let comfort come like soothing to body,
like cool in the hand of smoothest stone,
like care that assuages the spirit’s aloneness.
Let comfort come like the prayer of a goddess,
a great sacramental surrender, a promise
that quiet will blossom, that comfort come.

The Quarried Core

What’s left but the quarried core?
There we hunted each other, both greedy,
now almost, nearly… clear
of rocks – splintering need,
and adamantine fear –
is refuge: our We, the safe shore.


Author’s Statement on Beauty

Beauty, who may come like Peau d’âne in disguise,
Will tell who she is by the any-which-way she pries
Open the homely oyster shell of ego –
And set the spirit-pearl to face a near freedom.


Becca Menon is an American writer whose largely narrative poetic works, based in myth, fairy tale, folklore and Scripture have been hailed internationally in countries such as Iran, India, Iraq, Canada and the United Kingdom as well as the United States. Some shorter works, essays and translations appear in print and online in publications that include Parnassus, Mezzo Cammin, Kritya, Antiphon and others. She is associate editor of Phoenix Rising, a multilingual sonnet anthology. More at: