Dian Parker – Five Paintings

Bluebloods by Dian Parker


Pillowtalk by Dian Parker


Untitled by Dian Parker



Untitled by Dian Parker



Washday Morocco by Dian Parker

Washday Morocco


Artist’s Statement on Beauty

How can we condemn nature to anything but beautiful? An osprey blanketing a salmon is a swing of precision, the lion nabbing a wildebeest a flagrant tango, an abandoned factory covered in purple thistle and heavy blackberries a feast. Everywhere is wonder and wonder is inspiring and inspiration exciting and excitement wished for and all wishes carry beauty. There is beauty in a sigh, a kiss, a tear, keening, hope, death. The brain is a miracle of profound beauty. All is perception so I strive to filter my reality through the clear lens of beauty.


Diane Parker is a freelance writer for a number of New England publications, and writes about artists and their work for West Branch Gallery in Stowe, VT, Vermont Art Guide, Kolaj Magazine, Art New England, and Mountain View Publishers, also serving as Gallery Director for White River Gallery in South Royalton, Vermont. She has recently completed a novel, Absolute Uncertainty, and is currently working on a short story collection.