Gary Van Haas – Four Dreamscapes

Sleeping by Fabrice Poussin

Enigma of Time

Storm by Fabrice Poussin

Saints of Delight

World Afire by Fabrice Poussin
Fading Beauty


Weary by Fabrice Poussin

Carnival of Life


Artist’s Statement on Beauty

Beautiful things are not necessarily associated with wealth and money; they are the special moments which pass your senses in an instant never to return. A spectacular summer sunset, a full moon on a crisp winter night. feeling the sweet touch of a lover’s kiss, the soft banter of classical music, the intense smell of a rose, a fine work of art, humor, hope, love and faith all play on the conscious and subconscious soul, all parts of human existence aspiring to beauty and nirvana.


Gary Van Haas was born in Los Angeles and has always been an artist since he was in his early years where he won awards for best paintings in schools and college competitions. From Los Angeles he moved to San Francisco where he had several acclaimed shows and exhibitions in galleries and eventually landed himself the coveted spot of ‘Featured Artist’ in Sausalito at the Hale/VanHaas Gallery, which catapulted him toward many other shows in Europe and Asia. Gary’s unique art works have evolved from love of surrealist imagery and his search for expression in today’s quixotically dominated socio-political arena. In his paintings, he combines an illusionary vocabulary with non-objective subject matter as a way to impress color and collage, which instead of relying mainly on imagery, responds formally and expressively to the illusionist idea of surrealist space and time.