Martin Foroz – Two Poems


Peaceful Cohabitation

She was studying math
He was reading poems
Two plus two was four for her
But for him: why should he care?
Two multiplied by two was still four for her
While for him, it could be simply blur
Poetry gives him the power–
not to subjugate the heart
Math gives her the power–
not to subjugate the mind
Both living under one roof
One feeling cool–
not necessarily cold,
The other feeling hot.


She festooned the house
with her heart
in an irenic mood
of lovely thought

I was not gastronome
of considerate taste
But not of wine
of which I was oenophile

It was our valediction
not of mind
Our heart separated
in a bitter fight

Looking for eudemonism
I left her alone
Being milquetoast, spineless person
I didn’t notice what was wrong


Author’s Statement on Beauty

A porcelain cup
A desk full of books
A mind decorated–
with beauty and art
A poet sitting there–
creating more beauty,
which is nothing but
emotion in rhyme
Beauty is in heart
Giving life to art–
something quite quaint
which needs to be felt


Mohammad Forouzani (Martin Foroz) is an Assistant Professor of English Language and Literature, originally Iranian, but presently living in Oman and teaching at the University of Nizwa. His previous publications concern language teaching areas. He has been writing poems for the past twenty years. He signs his poems under his pen name Martin Foroz.