Trivarna Hariharan – Five Poems



By the shadow
        of a waning tree,

there is a bird
         from whose voice

the autumn’s moon
         draws her silence. 

Every Dusk

By a river in whose light
autumn leaves weather,

an old goose and I walk
alongside each other.

In Spring

what I have heard,

a bird’s
gentle voice begins

to grow
within the light of

a flowering river.


From over the river
that swamps this field,

the winter’s moon
falls upon a tree whose

birds have forgotten
how to laugh.


an autumn’s evening,

a lone flower
remembers the song

a blackbird
once sang of her face.


Author’s Statement on Beauty

The world of nature is abundantly giving and beautiful. It is also pure and liberating. I believe that beauty lies in the ability to transact with our natural world as kindly and peacefully as possible. It is also about being grateful for all it offers us, treating it with dignity and respect. 


Trivarna Hariharan is an undergraduate student of English Literature from India. She has authored The Necessity of Geography (Flutter Press), Home and Other Places (Nivasini Publishers), Letters I Never Sent (Writers Workshop, Kolkata). Her poems appear or are forthcoming from One Sentence Poems, Alexandria Quarterly, Birds Piled Loosely, TXTOBJX, Front Porch Review and others. Besides writing, she learns the Electronic Keyboard, and has completed her 4th Grade in the instrument from Trinity College of Music, London.