Peacock Journal looks for beauty.

Have you ever been so attracted to something, you just wanted to be close to it? You just wanted to exist within the same space? Or have you ever seen something so beautiful you thought it might be a door to another world? And all you desired, with the entirety of your being, was to pass through that door, into that other place, and just exist there for a little while? It’s not a separate reality, it’s a heightened, more intense reality, fuller and more complete. Write that and send it to us. It’s really difficult. It’s far easier to write gritty and pedestrian. But try it. Send us something about water and wind and light and the interplay of harmonies between them.

There are many other beautiful experiences in the world. Far too many to count. A single candle in a dark room, azure wings flitting from one branch to another in Boquete, Panama. Think of your own experience. You have thousands of beautiful moments. Can you write about one of them with clarity and gravity and purity? Can you experience the beauty fully, without shame, without turning your face away? We want a journal filled with those moments.

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