Cyn Kitchen – Five Photographs

Flea Market Abundance


Silo Sunset






Sunflower Frost


Artist’s Statement on Beauty

As a young woman I might have described beauty as perfection, balance, precision. I still believe that something beautiful can and often does possess these characteristics, but now my perceptions filter through the lens of a woman who has endured trials, suffered heartache and earned a hard-won wisdom that has opened my eyes and heart to also finding beauty in scars, asymmetry and the weathering effects of time. Beauty abounds; it always has. I am the one who has changed.


Cyn Kitchen teaches creative writing at Knox College. Her work has appeared in Midwestern Gothic, Louisville Review and Still: The Journal, among other places. Her short story collection, Ten Tongues, was published in 2010 by MotesBooks. Cyn lives, writes and photographs in Forgottonia, a downstate region on the Illinois prairie.