Sophie Paulette Jupillat – Three Compositions


Author’s Statement on Beauty

Beauty is a whisper that cannot be caught; it is like trying to touch time with your bare hands. It is the universal muse who reveals herself in all Her splendor to anyone whose eyes stray from desolation and darkness. Beauty is made up of all our dreams, all our expectations, all our uniqueness, and all our imaginings of a better world. One just needs to reach inside and pull on those thoughts, and try to capture Her essence in a stroke of a paintbrush, a measure of music, or a stanza of poetry, to banish the demons and parasites that would kill us. Beauty gives the human species eternity and hope. 


French-Venezuelan Sophie Paulette Jupillat enjoys innovating her art and seeking inspiration from the richly eclectic world around her. She studied writing and music at Rollins College. Sophie‘s diverse literary and musical works have been featured in magazines such as Festival Writer (“The Folly of Red and Black”), Art Saves Lives International, Masque and Spectacle (‘Remembrance of a Waltz’), and the Mulberry Fork Review (“Forgive Me”). She published her first EP in March 2017.