Alexa Findlay – Three Ekphrastic Poems

Young and Single
After Rain Princess by Leonid Afremov

there strolls
a young woman
on a rainy night
dressed in a solid
black rain coat
an umbrella
the fresh winter air
in a town so
as she unwinds
from the daily struggles
of life
so young and full of life
ready to mingle—


Family Portrait
After American Gothic by Grant Wood

there poses
a middle aged woman
with her
golden hair
blue eyes
elongated neck
beside her father
an elderly man
sagging skin
run down overalls
a pitchfork
vexed at the creatures
for killing his crops
hoping for a better life
as they stand
in front of their
decrepit farm house
over vast green hills
on a humid summer afternoon—

In the Heart of Town
After The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh

a quiet town
surrounded by
vast hills
dated homes
on a starry
winter night—


Author’s Statement on Beauty

True beauty is waking up and seeing the sun shine. It’s seeing the rain fall from the clouds. It’s seeing flowers bloom after a storm. It’s seeing loved ones smile and laugh. It’s hearing birds sing on a clear day. It’s seeing couples dance to their favorite songs. It’s seeing a bride and groom say I do on the altar. Beauty lies everywhere.


Alexa Findlay is an Undergraduate Creative Writing Major at the University of California, Riverside. Her work has appeared in El Camino College’s Literary Arts Journal: Myriad, See Beyond Magazine, Pomona Valley Review, Better than Starbucks Magazine, Adelaide Literary Magazine, among others.