Angelina Saule



– For S.T. 

The heart hiked open and Arturus shut.
Heaving a tomorrow up, and rather,
The burning-ice page passion subdued, but
not the North, which the Aorta smothered.

The heart mollified, a G-string floodtide.
Trilling a nerve between the semi-tones,
Harmonic red intervals of blood, beats,
And lost amulets of rhymes turned to bone.


Author’s Statement on Beauty

Beauty is a composition between pauses and movements, where fantasies are sung and dissolutions can become engraved in marble. Beauty is pregnant with both the sacred and the profane, beating along with the naked eye of the heart blooming into an infinite prayer. Primordial, beauty is the essence of fiction.


Angelina Saule is undertaking her doctoral studies at Saint Petersburg State University, in erotic desire and comparative poetics (Anglo-American, Russian and Arabic). Her former research area is in Russian Futurism and Orientalism and she has published essays for several journals and newspapers around the world. In addition, she has published poems in several Australian, Mexican and Russian journals, as well as translations, and was formerly a poetry event organizer.