r soos – Five Poems


mom’s ashes
hued greens

then reds yellows blues
while life quickened
the stalks

and flew from flower to flower

molecules awakening breath
her garden a wellspring
of eternal life


his wings hide the sun
while I sit in my garden
talking with lizards


the earth has harsh stones
caressing my vowel garden
despite the new rain


my muscle and bone
to catch time discarded by
dreams in the garden


weeding the garden
here even shadows are green
cloaking my presence


Author’s Statement on Beauty

when you see inside
the beauty of the whole world
shines forth from the depths


r soos has been published in over 200 print magazines, and has 20 books of poetry, including Somersaults With Life (Realities Library, 2016), Parting/Departing (Realities Library, 2015), Selected Poems 2015-2016 (Realities Library, 2015), Bringing In The Sheets (Realities Library, 2012), Insecurities (Redwood Family, 2005), Fiddlin’ Around In Sabinal (Redwood Family, 2003), Guitars (Redwood Family, 2001), Train of Love (Redwood Family, 2001), Moaning & Groaning (Redwood Family, 1999), California Breeze (Redwood Family, 1998), Garden Songs (Carpenter’s Creative Review, 1995), The Son is Breaking Through (Carpenter’s Creative Review, 1992), and His Power (Carpenter’s Creative Review, 1988). His poetry appears online in Tuck, Leaves of Ink, Micropoetry, Random Poem Tree. More at rsoos.com.