Siraj A. Sabuke – Three Poems


i fall in love with the Beloved

i fall in love with the Beloved
love became an ocean
and i a grain of dust
thrown to float forever

in my unguided drownings
i was found by the underwater
ship of Shareef Harazim,
since then, he has become
my Teacher and Master

He looked into my heart
and saw the hunger plaguing her
the fire burning therein
the thirst tiring my veins
the desire for knowledge
of self and the One Beloved

so he said: ‘to be aware of the
Exposed and the Hidden
to be totally lost to self
and be united with the Beloved,
you must see nothing in everything
and everything in nothing

and this is how everything become nothing;
i become nothing to everything,
i become everything to nothing
i have mixed poverty and wealthy together
turned away from hunger and thirst
swallowed self and the desires of self
then gold become dust and dust breath

life and death came and went 
faster than twinkle of an eye
hell and paradise went into nothingness 
eternity went and come
and then comes the Beloved
standing before me
and i, standing nowhere.


Love doesn’t care

Love doesn’t care
when or how she comes
where or to whom she goes

she is not blind
love sees clearly
but she doesn’t care

love is a hell-hot fire
when she comes
let her consume you

when love consumes you
you dissolve and re-evolve
anew and whole…

when love calls you
answer without hesitation
go, die and be reborn

when love touches you
when love kisses you
freeze, melt to her embrace

when you see love
passing you by, follow her
don’t stop until you meet her

Dijeh, sit close to me
hold me as I hold you
until we freeze and melt
and re-evolve as one…


A striving sufi

A striving sufi
is like a candle
& the One Beloved
sought by the seeker
is a furious fire
that’ll consume the candle
until naught remains 

Beloved, be my witness
today, i come to You
begging to be burnt until 
nothing remains but You
let me live leaving
this chaff that’s covered
soul from Your Light


Author’s Statement on Beauty



Siraj A Sabuke lives in New Bussa, Nigeria. He has a great passion for poetry. He writes Sufi poems. He is influenced by many writers, most especially, Laura M Kaminski who nurses his art of writing. Sabuke sees writing as a life that must be lived.