Category: Non-Fiction

Naomi Lakritz – Robert’s Voice

Something of the divine spark within us connects to the divine within the beauty we are looking upon, but we cannot get any closer than the sense of that connection. And all the while that we are looking at something beautiful, we’re aware of time quickly passing

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Harriet Riley – Bottled Up Women

Long afternoons in the Royal Theatre on Eighth Street in Meridian, Mississippi, sitting in the dark watching bright images on the screen with the loud blare of sound in my ears was the only time I would allow myself to cry.

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David McVey – Hard Cop, Soft Cop

In all our work I believe we should strive to make our writing as elegant and readable and beautiful as it possibly can be in its context, whether we’re crafting a lyrical poem or writing a letter to the company that unblocks our drains.

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